Sports and Casino betting can be an incredibly fun hobby. But if you’re doing it to make money, you need to understand that most people who gamble in online casino’s and on sporting events end up losing money. That’s how sports books and casinos stay in business after all. But if you learn a little about how bookmakers and betting markets work, develop a strategy, and apply a fair amount of know-how, you can go from being a money-losing dabbler to a knowledgeable gambler who stands a good chance of winning in the long run.

An online betting account is akin to a brokerage account (but way more fun). You sign up, put money in, use your account to execute transactions, and (hopefully) take money out.

After you supply the basic information and establish login credentials, the next step is funding your account so you can place bets against your balance. There are lots of options for depositing money, but the most common and convenient way is with a major credit card or Bitcoin. Be aware there’s usually an extra financial hop between the bookmaker and the U.K. bank that issued your credit card, so you might not recognise the company name associated with the credit card transaction. You may also see a service charge for making a deposit with a credit card. Many bookmakers will pass that charge on to you but give you an equivalent account credit.

If you were looking for an excuse to explore crypto-currency, Bitcoin transactions have some major advantages. Bookmakers won’t charge a fee, the maximum deposit amounts are much higher, and there’s often generous deposit bonuses available if you operate with Bitcoin.

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